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Our Work

itv|world has worked with some of the world's leading media companies to find solutions to the challenges of the convergent age. The following covers a selection of our recent client work:

» In|Orbit Interactive Broadcasting Deployment (BBC)
» Tamworth Country Music Festival (Telstra)
» Digital Channel 77 - 24 hour electronic program guide (Seven Network)
» Sydney Motorshow 2002 Webcast (News Interactive)
» Broadcast Ticker (Seven Network)
» Multimedia Guide (Telstra)
» Windows Media Guide (Microsoft)
» Our Brisbane - TV and Movie Guides (Brisbane City Council)

In|Orbit Interactive Broadcasting Deployment
Client: BBC (UK)

In 2003, itv|world licensed its In|Orbit product suite to the commercial transmission arm of the BBC solving the scheduling, playout and testing challenges of the world's leading interactive broadcaster with three target middlewares. In|Orbit's modular solution provides a control system for automating interactive playout, incorporating scheduling, workflow management and other tools while enabling the playout of interactive content, synchronised with linear TV across multiple platforms. For the BBC, this includes Sky's OpenTV based network as well as Liberate based cable networks NTL, Telewest and DTT. The core aim of the tool is to reduce costs through automation, increase productivity, reduce human error and ensure quality of service. The investment will reap further benefits for the broadcaster as it moves forward to a single middleware solution, providing a stable foundation for future interactive operations.

"We decided to deploy In|Orbit because of the scalability and flexibility of the system. The itv|world team worked closely with us to provide a solution that met our needs… It's refreshing to work with a company that clearly understands the requirements of a major broadcaster".
Dr. William Cooper, Head of Interactive, BBC Broadcast, UK.

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Tamworth Country Music Festival
Client: Telstra (Australia)

In late 2002, itv|world designed and built one of Australia's largest scale broadband media sites http://www.telstra.com/countrywide/countrymusic/ for Telstra Countrywide™, the regional business and communications division of Australia's leading telecommunications company. The site's compelling streaming broadband video content is designed to showcase one of the world's premier music events - The Tamworth Country Music Festival - to Telstra's regional customers and a local and international audience of broadband and narrowband Internet users. The Telstra technology Centre was set up from scratch in a rural city in the middle of a park with a newly installed 1 Mb Frame Relay data connection used to stream live and on-demand video. itv|world produced nine Webcasts during the 11 day festival including press conferences, aerial filming and two major outdoor concerts along with more than 40 on-demand videos for the site. A Flash player was custom-created to enable viewers to play media 300 kb without leaving the site. Enough content was shot to allow fresh updating of the site for 6 months. During the Festival, the site had over seven times more traffic [page impressions] than in the weeks prior to the event. Users with little experience of the web visited more pages for longer. Within the country music industry there was also overwhelming excitement about how broadband enhanced the user experience and showcased the work of Australia's country music artists.

"The whole Telstra broadband Webcasting going on in Tamworth is revolutionising country music in Australia"
Rob Potts, Allied Artists

"I think we will look back at this Telstra site and say well that was one of the first steps in really exploiting this terrific market."
Max Ellis Country Music Association & Country Music Awards

"The amazing technology of broadband to Webcast events has allowed us to take the festival to a wider audience than we would have been able to cater for here in Tamworth"
Paul Anderson, Tamworth Local Council.


Digital Channel 77 - 24 hour electronic program guide
Client: Seven Network (Australia)

In late 2002, the Seven Network - Australia's largest commercial television network - launched a 24 hour electronic program guide and a real-time news, weather, program guide and information service. Accessible via a set-top box, Channel 77 was built by itv|world in partnership with network staff. itv|world was responsible for project management and strategic advice, prototyping, software design, implementation and testing. Channel 77 is available to digital viewers in both Sydney and Melbourne - and in an Australian first - the information has been localised to those markets using a sophisticated content management system.

"Our new channel not only offers a convenient and dynamic new service for current digital television viewers and lays the foundation for our future offerings in digital television. The program guide will be at the heart of the future digital television experience - the entry point where viewers will learn to navigate the content available on the full digital service. It has been designed to offer a service that can easily be upgraded to interactivity when this technology is available in the Australian market".
Mark Cloudsdale, General Manager of Digital Content, The Seven Network.

"This has been the hard work of the Digital Content team in partnership with itv|world and Seven's New Technology group. It is an exciting launch for Seven as we continue to play a lead role in the take up of digital through the development of new consumer initiatives such as Channel 77".
Maureen Plavsic, CEO, Broadcast Television, The Seven Network


Sydney Motor Show 2002 Webcast
Client: News Interactive (Australia)

itv|world worked with the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre's internal Production Unit and News Interactive (a division of News Limited) to produce the live Webcast of the Sydney Motorshow - Australia's leading automotive expo. The result was one of Australia's most sophisticated Webcast camera shoots and a powerful demonstration of the global impact of streaming as a marketing tool. Over 2,000 car enthusiasts from around the world accessed an Internet broadcast showcasing some of the hottest wheels from the world's leading car manufacturers during the four-hour live webcast of the event's official opening. Fourteen separate edited, on-demand video clips of the presentations were posted on the Motorshow Website in time for the event's opening weekend at www.sydneymotorshow.com.au. The event assisted the Sydney Motorshow and News Interactive increase global reach and create a valuable interactive connection with customers, sponsors, stakeholders and other news media.

"itv|world offered a complete solution for producing this large scale live Webcast event and the associated on-demand Webcast presentations we required. The strong audience response demonstrates the huge potential of Webcasting as a promotional platform".
Tony Burrett, Business Manager, NEWSmotoring Network, News Interactive


Broadcast Ticker
Client: Seven Network (Australia)

Developed by itv|world for use on the Seven Network's Sunrise News Program, the Broadcast Ticker displays news items, finance items, and weather information to either a broadcast content stream or a web-based interface. Broadcast continuously to a national viewing audience from 6.00am to 9.00am weekdays it consists of an editing console for entering and managing content and one or several rendering applications. The display contents are saved in an open XML format that enables them to be shared by a TV ticker and a Web ticker simultaneously to produce a synchronised live broadcast if required. The XML data format allows for easy integration with other output systems and multiple clients can access the database at any time. The user face can be reconfigured with various graphic looks and feels.

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Multimedia Guide
Client: Telstra (Australia)

itv|world has been contracted for the past three years to develop and manage The Telstra Multimedia Guide - The Big Pond Broadband content portal for Australia's leading telecommunications company, Telstra (www.bigpond.com/entertainment). Featuring content optimised for Telstra's broadband network, the guide has been one of Australia's leading showcases of local and internally produced broadband video content. It has routinely featured many of itv|world's own original video programs. itv|world created a custom branded media player for the site along with metatag driven, sophisticated content search.


Windows Media Guide
Client: Microsoft (Australia)

Microsoft Australia chose itv|world to be the official vendor of its Windows Player 7 Media Guide, to showcase the high quality audio and video technology of Windows Media in Australia. The Australian Media Guide, a feature of Windows Media Player 7, offered direct access from the player to featured local Australian digital media news and entertainment content. The Australian Media Guide was one of 13 international versions of the Media Guide released throughout the world during 2000. More than 260 top content providers worldwide supplied international content for 13 international versions of the Media Guide. Itv|world was responsible for management of over 40 Internet Content Partners (ICPs) for the Microsoft Media Guide in Singapore and Australia. The project also involved: Distributed content management with permissions-based access for content partners; theme - branded media player skins, Creation of automated content submission application. In addition to managing the guide, itv|world also provided content in the form of its technology and business news products, which were already a leading showcase for Windows Media in Australia - and part of its ongoing commitment to leading the way in the convergence of traditional media and the Internet.


Portal Development: Our Brisbane
Client: Brisbane City Council

Development and maintenance of region-specific Electronic program Guide (EPG) TV and movie guides for the official website of the Brisbane municipality.