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Operational Tools for iTV

Today's network operators and broadcasters want robust and scalable solutions to reduce the manual effort and costs of iTV service management. That's why itv|world has created In|Orbit - an innovative suite of operational tools for the successful deployment and management of interactive services. Find out more about how In|Orbit can minimise costs, maximise productivity and ensure quality of service in your interactive broadcasts.

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» Download PDF - Case Study of the BBC's InOrbit deployment on the BBC's live satellite, terrestrial and cable platforms, delivered at IBC 2003 in Amsterdam (186KB)

In|Orbit Broadcast

Designed and developed in association with BBC Broadcast, In|Orbit Broadcast is a flexible control system specifically designed to manage the operation of multiple interactive services in a complex, multi-channel, multi-platform environment. Play-out centres require their interactive services to be tightly aligned and synchronised with the linear video automation. That's where In|Orbit Broadcast comes in - offering a robust and secure user interface which lets broadcast operators to deploy and control their interactive services with confidence.
» Download PDF - In|Orbit Broadcast

In|Orbit Control
For Network operators looking to run their interactive services more independently of the linear automation system, an industrial strength scheduling and automation system is required. In|Orbit Control's open and scalable client-server based solution provides a true multi-user environment for streamlining the day-to-day management of interactive television services - supporting multiple play-out devices for live, test and development platforms. Features include scheduling, multi-channel and multi-platform support, authorisation checkpoints and virtual channel management.
» Download PDF - In|Orbit Control

In|Orbit Remote
Designed specifically for broadcasters, this innovative scheduling tool enables channel programming departments to schedule their enhanced broadcasts or advertising autonomously over a secure Internet connection. In|Orbit Remote offers a secure means to dynamically update content within live applications either manually or in accordance with a pre-planned schedule.
» Download PDF - In|Orbit Remote

In|Orbit Validate
Automate the tiresome job of middleware and application conformance testing with In|Orbit Validate - a continuous monitoring system which ensures that interactive services are functioning correctly when received in the set-top box. In|Orbit Validate is the cost effective way to ensure quality of service in all your Interactive broadcasts.
» Download PDF - In|Orbit Validate

In|Orbit Scheduler
For network operators and broadcasters broadcasting a smaller number of interactive services, In|Orbit scheduler offers an easy-to-use scheduling system. Benefit from the ability to create play-lists, repeated schedules or one-off events when playing out applications or updating content within a service.
» Download PDF - In|Orbit Scheduler

In|Orbit Asset
Broadcasters looking to extend their brands across multiple platforms and reusing their existing content assets need In|Orbit Asset. A content management system tailored for interactive broadcast, In|Orbit Asset supports user-definable meta-tag and extensive search capabilities and can be easily integrated with existing management systems and databases.

In|Orbit Monitor
In Broadcast play-out centres, service availability is key - but continuous monitoring of your software processes and hardware devices can complicate the work of your operators. In|Orbit Monitor provides a dynamic monitoring solution for all software systems in your play-out centre. If a play-out device stops - or the FTP-server goes down - In|Orbit Monitor will raise the alarm.

For further information on the In|Orbit product suite contact:
Jason Romney, itv|world
Phone 0448 211449

In|Orbit in Action
Measurable value. It's why leading broadcasters and network operators are turning to itv|world's In|Orbit to drive the efficiency and profitability of their operations. Hear what some of our customers have to say:

"We decided to deploy In|Orbit because of the scalability and flexibility of the system. The itv|world team worked closely with us to provide a solution that met our needs… It's so refreshing to work with a company that clearly understands the requirements of a major broadcaster."
Dr. William Cooper,Head of Interactive, BBC Broadcast, UK.

Right: Dr. William Cooper (standing) with itv|world's Jason Romney in the Interactive operations area at the BBC's Bush House in London.
William Cooper
Ian Harris "Austar is working proactively to ensure the quality and reliability of our interactive services. Using Validate has been a major step forward in this work and towards reducing the amount of phone calls to our call centre. In|Orbit Validate allows us to achieve this by testing our applications before and after launch, so if there are any issues, our operations centre knows before our customers have even found a problem…It's great to see that there are still professionals out there."
Ian Harris, iTV Technology Manager, Austar Australia